League Cadets

program for ages 10-13

NLCC, the Junior program of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, was developed for younger cadets, age 10-13 and is a fantastic opportunity for younger kids to make friends, try something new, and prepare themselves to eventually enter NSCC.

The NLCC training program is modeled after the Sea Cadet program, but is tailored to be age-appropriate. The training program is less arduous, but still includes a wide variety of training opportunities designed to give League Cadets exposure to Navy life.

Cadets can attend a one-week, away-from-home Navy League Orientation class. Cadets who complete orientation can participate in advanced training sessions such as classes in aviation, sailing, leadership, medical and adventure training. League Cadets also learn about small boats and small boat safety using the U.S. Coast Guard’s safe boating curriculum.

Rank System for NLCC

The rank system for cadets proceeds as follows:

  • Recruit (LC-1),

  • Apprentice Cadet (LC-2)

  • Able Cadet (LC-3)

  • Petty Officer Third Class (LC-4)

  • Petty Officer Second Class (LC-5)

  • Petty Officer First Class (LC-6)

  • Ship's Leading Petty Officer (LC-7).


The NLCC Training Syllabus is the source document for NLCC cadets. The syllabus contains activities and exams required for advancement. During the summer NLCC Orientation and NLCC Advanced Orientation is available for cadets to attend to augment the syllabus. Although this training is available it is NOT a requirement for advancement. The table indicates the rate structure for NLCC cadets LC-1 through LC-6. The unit commanding officer is the advancement authority for NLCC cadets through all rates.

NWU Uniform

This is our working uniform that will be worn to most drills. It is the same as the Sea Cadets except for some of the flashing (patches). See the Sea Cadet Uniform page on this website for more info.

Dress Uniform

Dress uniform is worn for special occasions. In the summer months, we wear the Dress Whites. In the winter months we wear Dress Blues (often called Johnny Cash for the League cadets since they are actually black). Current regulations prescribe for female cadets to wear the same cover (hat) as male cadets: the white Dixie Cup


Boots can usually be found at Academy, Army Surplus, or online


Before NLCC Cadets can attend an advanced training, they must first complete NLCC Orientation.

Summer Trainings are posted and updated daily at Sea Cadet Homeport beginning in March and April

1. Go to Sea Cadet Homeport Training Page

2. Select the TRAINING CATEGORY that you want.

3. Select "Details" on the training you have selected and read all the instructions.

5. Email your request to the BB-43 Commanding Officer (CO). The Commanding officer will reply with a "Request for Training" form (NSCTNG001)

6. Complete the NSCTNG001 and email it back to the CO. Only the CO can approve your Request for Training. (No typewritten initials or electronic signatures will be accepted)

7. If you are bringing medication, complete the Medical History Supplemental form (NSCADM001 Pages7 & 8)

8. If you are requesting an accommodation, complete the Request for Accommodation form (NSCADM001 Pages 9 & 10) This request must be approved by the National Headquarters Representative and takes 30 days to approve.

9. A Medical Exam must not be older than one year through the last training date. (NSCADM001 Pages 5 & 6)

10. A Medical History form must be completed within the 30 days before a training (NSCADM001 Pages 3 & 4)

10. You will receive an email confirming your registration.

11. Once you are confirmed, make sure you pay with the method prescribed in the "Details" of that particular training. DON'T WAIT

12. Submit a Medical History form (NSCTNG001 Pages 3 & 4) within 30 days of the training.

Enrollment must be valid through the last training date.

All requests are subject to review.

Cadets with poor attendance or are not advancing may not be approved for advanced training