Cadet Absence Form


The Attendance and Report Out Procedures is an official document of Tennessee (BB-43) Division. The contents reflect current orders of the Commanding Officer regarding Division procedures. All personnel are responsible for reading, understanding and following the information contained herein.


All Cadets are expected to be at every drill. Efficient operation of the unit and development of cadets require a full cadre present. Cadets are expected to attend a minimum of 75% of scheduled drills. Cadets failing to do so may, at the option of the Commanding Officer, be disenrolled from the NSCC.

  1. Cadets who must be absent from drill are required to notify their Chain of Command of their absence as far in advance as it is known and include a specific reason for the absence. We ask for a minimum of 5-10 days notice. Parents contacting anyone on staff will not relieve the cadet of his/her responsibility to use Chain of Command to report the absence.
  2. Steps for Reporting Absence and Requesting Excused Absence:
    • RSVP "no" on the Team App event calendar
    • Complete this form with specific reason for absence
  3. Absences will be recorded as excused, AWOL, or unexcused
    • Excused absences will include medical reasons, death in the family, travel out of the area, and official school activities.
        • School Activity: Cadets are still expected to attend drill before or after their conflicting obligation.
        • Extracurricular activities will be treated on a case by case basis bearing in mind minimum attendance requirements.
    • An unexcused “no-show” absence is an absence for any reason (including excused reasons) when the cadet failed to notify unit staff via Chain of Command (AWOL).
    • Unexcused absences are anything not named above.
  4. Specific allowances and penalties for absences are as follows:
    • Excused absences are expected infrequently. If they become frequent, the cadet will meet with Officers/Staff to determine if there is further interest in continuing the program.
    • Unexcused “no-show” absences should never occur. AWOL absences can result in immediate dismissal from the program.
    • Unexcused absences will be grounds for counseling, inability to attend advanced training, and possible dismissal.


Fill out "Cadet Absence Form" below completely:

1. Name and Rank

2. Email Address (Cadet Email)

3. Check whether you will be Absent or Late

4. Enter Date(s) Absent/Late

5. Check Both Days or a Single day

6. Reason for Absence: Fill this out with as much detail as possible. Including when you will leave/return.

7. Click Submit

    • Your request will automatically be sent to our Chain of Command.
    • You will receive an email to confirm your request.