Hair Hints

2011 Uniform Regulations.pdf

Cadet Uniform regulations

Chapter 2 deals with Personal Grooming

2202 HAIR

1. Males

a. General. Hair will be neat, clean and present a well-groomed appearance. Hair above the ears and around the neck shall be tapered from the lower natural hairline upwards at least 3/4 inch and outward no greater than 3/4 inch to blend with the hairstyle. Hair on the back of the neck may not touch the collar. The “blocked neckline” is permitted as long as a tapered appearance is maintained. Hair shall be no longer than 4 inches and groomed so that it does not touch the ears or collar, extend below the eyebrows when headgear is removed, show below the front edge of the headgear, nor interfere with the proper wearing of military headgear. Bulk of the hair shall not exceed 2 inches. Bulk is defined as the distance that the mass of hair protrudes from the scalp when groomed (as opposed to the length of the hair). Hair coloring must look natural and complement the individual. Faddish styles and outrageous multicolored hair are not authorized. The primary consideration remains a neatly groomed appearance for the hairstyle and the type of hair that the individual has, with 4 inches length and 2-inch bulk the maximum under any circumstances.